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Combinatorics: Challenges and Applications, January 17-21, 2016, Tel Aviv University

This five day workshop is aimed at bringing together some of the top researchers working in Combinatorics and neighbouring areas such as number theory, coding theory, geometry, probability and theoretical computer science.
We will use this occasion to celebrate the 60th birthday of Noga Alon, who has made numerous pioneering contributions to Combinatorics and has established many deep and surprising connections between Combinatorics and various other branches of mathematics and science in general.
Participation is free of charge. However, please register, in order to let us know that you will be attending the conference.


  • Béla Bollobás - University of Cambridge
  • Jennifer Chayes - Microsoft Research
  • Uri Feige - Weizmann Institute
  • Jacob Fox - Stanford University
  • Péter Frankl - Alfréd Rényi Inst. of Math
  • Zoltán Füredi - Alfréd Rényi Inst. of Math
  • Shafi Goldwasser - MIT and Weizmann Institute
  • Gil Kalai - Hebrew University
  • Nati Linial - Hebrew University
  • László Lovász - Eötvös Loránd University
  • Vitali Milman - Tel Aviv University
  • Assaf Naor - Princeton University
  • Jaroslav Nešetřil - Charles University
  • János Pach - EPFL
  • Yuval Peres - Microsoft Research
  • Vojtěch Rödl - Emory University 
  • Peter Sarnak - Princeton University and IAS
  • Alexander Schrijver - CWI Amsterdam
  • Micha Sharir - Tel Aviv University
  • Saharon Shelah - Hebrew/Rutgers University
  • Joel Spencer - NYU
  • Endre Szemerédi - Alfréd Rényi Inst. of Math
  • Terence Tao - UCLA
  • Moshe Tennenholtz - Technion
  • Avi Wigderson - IAS
  • Tamar Ziegler - Hebrew University

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